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Frequently Asked Questions

By Faculty and Educator Preparation Programs

What is the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification (MTTC) program?

Visit the About the Tests page on this website for information about the MTTC Program.

How were the tests developed?

Visit the How the Tests Were Developed page on this website for information on the test development process.

To what standards are the MTTC tests aligned?

MTTC tests are generally aligned with the appropriate Michigan Standards for the Preparation of Teachers or, where applicable, other standards as designated by the Michigan Department of Education.

Which MTTC tests include constructed-response assignments?

Most MTTC world language tests comprise both multiple-choice questions and two or more constructed-response assignments. For more information about tests with constructed-response assignments, select the test.

How does a candidate determine which tests to take?

Information about what tests candidates must take is available on the What Tests Do I Need to Take? page on this website.

How often are the MTTC tests offered?

Most tests are available year round, by appointment. The world language tests are available during specified testing periods.

Where are the MTTC tests offered?

The MTTC tests are administered at computer-based test sites throughout Michigan and nationwide.

Can someone in another state take the MTTC tests?

Yes, the MTTC tests are administered at computer-based test sites throughout Michigan and nationwide.

What provisions are made for candidates who might need alternative testing arrangements?

Candidates may request special testing accommodations during test registration. Evaluation Systems considers requests on a case-by-case basis to meet the particular needs of the test taker.

How many times can someone retake an MTTC test?

Review the retake policy for MTTC tests.

What kind of ID is needed to be admitted to take a test?

For complete information about acceptable forms of identification for MTTC tests, visit the ID Policy page on this website.

What is the passing score for the MTTC tests?

The scaled passing score is 220.

When are candidate scores reported?

Scores are released within 6 weeks of testing.

How are the constructed-response assignments scored?

Qualified scorers are selected, trained in the scoring process, and monitored for accuracy and consistency. Scoring of constructed-response assignments typically involves two or more scorers working independently. The performance characteristics and the score scale(s) for each MTTC test that includes constructed-response assignments are available on the preparation materials page for that test.

Who receives candidate scores?

Scores are provided to the candidate, the Michigan Department of Education (MDE), and the educator preparation program(s) that the candidate indicated during test registration.

What preparation materials are available for the MTTC tests?

A variety of free and fee-based preparation materials are available for the tests. Candidates can access the preparation materials from the Prepare page on this website.

Are printed copies of the study guides available?

All study guides must be accessed online. Study guides are available from the Study Guides page on this website.

Are printed copies of the practice tests available?

All practice tests must be accessed online. Visit the Practice Tests page on this website for more information.