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Study Guide

How to Prepare for the Tests

This section of the study guide provides information to help you prepare to take the MTTC tests.

Plan Your Course of Study

Follow the steps outlined below to prepare to take the MTTC tests.

Assess your content knowledge.

Read the test objectives.

The set of test objectives for each test is the only source identifying the information covered by the test(s) you are taking.

  1. Read through the entire set of objectives to get a general picture of the material the test covers.
  2. The test objectives form the foundation and focus for the test questions. The descriptive statement(s) that follow each objective are included to provide examples of possible content covered by the objective. Read each objective and its descriptive statement(s) carefully to get a more specific idea of the knowledge and skills you will be required to demonstrate on the test.
  3. Once you have become familiar with the test objectives, make a list of those objectives about which you feel you know the least.

Practice your test-taking skills.

Answer the sample test questions.

After you have become familiar with the test objectives, review the sample test directions and try to answer the sample test questions for the test(s) you are taking. Set aside several hours for this exercise. If possible, take the sample test questions in a quiet room that simulates the testing environment. As you answer the sample test questions, time yourself to get an estimation of how long it may take you to complete the actual test.

The Day of the Test: Helpful Hints

The following are suggestions for preparing for the experience of the test administration as well as strategies you may wish to employ while taking the test.

Preparing for the Test Administration

The following are tips to help you prepare for the day of the test.
Start early.
Dress comfortably.

Test-Taking Tips

The following tips for taking standardized tests are offered as suggestions that may contribute to your success and confidence during the test session.

Follow directions.
Pace your work.
Read carefully.
Designate your answers carefully.
Determine the "best answer."
Guess wisely.
Check your accuracy.
Follow the rules.

Test Directions

Visit Computer-Based Testing Tutorials for brief tutorials on how to navigate through the computer-based test. A short tutorial is also provided at the beginning of the computer-based test session, with instructions for how to navigate through the test. For tests with constructed-response assignments, sample directions are also provided in the field-specific section of the study guide.