Computer-Based Testing Tutorials

These tutorials can give you a sense of what you will see when you begin your test.

CBT Tutorials

On-Screen CBT Tutorial

Preview the on-screen tutorial that you will see before you begin your test. This tutorial includes information about how to navigate through a test, how to select your answers, and how to end the test.

Interactive CBT Tutorial

Practice using the CBT functions that will be available during your test, including navigating through a test, selecting your answers, and using on-screen calculators, accessibility features, and reference materials.

Screen Color and Font Adjustment

These features, as noted in the interactive tutorial, may not be available for all tests.

Font adjustment is available for some tests using keyboard shortcuts:

  • Some tests render content on the screen. Therefore, the common functions of a web browser are available to all candidates. To adjust content in a web browser, candidates can use these key combinations:
    • Ctrl + enlarges
    • Ctrl  minus  decreases
    • Ctrl 0 resets the view to 100%
  • This is common functionality for most if not all web browsers.
  • For font enlargement greater than 200%, you may wish to submit an Alternative Testing Arrangements Request form and supporting documentation in order to request screen magnification software.

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