About the MTTC Practice Tests

When you register, you will be given access to a full-length online practice test that includes multiple-choice questions representative of the actual test. The online practice test will be available through your account until 90 days after the score report date for the test you took. From your account, you may view, save, download, and/or print the practice test for future use.

For certain tests, you may also choose to purchase a practice test preview that includes a 20-question subset of these same questions but offers additional features.

NOTE that the 20 questions in the practice test preview are also in the full-length practice test.

Features Full-Length Practice Test Practice Test Preview
Representative questions x x
Correct response and objective x x
Interactive features x x
Access prior to test registration x
Enhanced item navigation x
Comprehensive performance feedback x
Computer-based testing simulation and tutorial x
Option to save your work in progress and resume later x

Full-length practice test available with test registration

When you register for a test that has a full-length practice test, you will be given access automatically from within your account. The full-length practice test includes:

  • A questions tab—here you will also see the suggested testing time along with other helpful information.
  • An answer key tab—here you can record your responses either online (and then print the key to save your work) or offline (by printing first), and also reveal each question's correct response and related objective.

Practice test preview available for purchase

Each practice test preview available for purchase offers:

  • An interactive online experience similar to an actual computer-based testing environment
  • An optional tutorial
  • The option to move through the question screens in order, or to return to questions that you may choose to skip at first or to flag for later review
  • Comprehensive, immediate feedback on your performance for the multiple-choice questions

View a sample practice test.

$9.95 for each practice test preview.

Institutions: Order practice test vouchers for your candidates

Taking the purchased practice test preview

Review minimum software and browser specifications and answers to FAQs Link opens in a new window..

You will have 120 days to access your purchased practice test preview, beginning on the date of activation.

While you are testing, you may pause the practice test preview and return to it later if you wish; you do not have to finish in a single session.

Your practice test preview can be submitted for scoring only once, but it will be available for your review until the end of your subscription period (120 days). After you submit your practice test preview for scoring, you will receive immediate results showing your objective-level performance on multiple-choice questions.

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