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Michigan Test for Teacher Certification(MTTC)

Retake Policy

All MTTC tests have computer-based and paper-based testing options. Most computer-based tests are administered year-round, Monday through Saturday (excluding some holidays) in addition to the paper-based testing opportunities.

If after taking a test you wish to retake it, you must wait 30 days between each attempt of the same test or subtest whether the attempt is paper-based or computer-based. If the same test is taken within a 30-day period, your scores on the second attempt may be voided.

There is no limit to the number of times you may retake any MTTC test that you have not yet passed although you must wait at least 30 days between each attempt of the same test. However, according to MDE administrative codes, any test "may continue to be retaken until passed but after the fourth failure and every subsequent failure . . . the individual must seek academic counseling from college/university staff in an attempt to overcome testing deficiencies."