Test Sessions

There are two test sessions on each paper-based test date:

Each session includes four and one-half hours of actual testing time. You will be assigned to either one or both test sessions, according to the number and type of tests for which you register.

The maximum number of tests you may register to take on one test date is determined by the type(s) of tests for which you are registering. Some tests are available only in the morning session or only in the afternoon session, and some tests require a full test session, whereas other tests may be scheduled two to a test session. You may not register to take a test more than once per test date.

Full-Session Tests

Partial-Session Tests (up to two partial-session tests may be taken in one test session)

Examinees taking the Elementary Education test may take up to two additional subject-area tests during the afternoon test session.

Each test session is designed to allow sufficient time for completion of up to two subject-area tests, or one full-session subject-area test. However, if you are registering for only two subject-area tests, you may request to be assigned only one subject-area test for each test session. Test session assignments are made on a space-available basis and cannot be guaranteed.

Information about the test session(s) to which you have been assigned and the test(s) you have been scheduled to take during each session will be included on your admission ticket(s).

See "Test Selection" for specific information about each test, including test-session availability.