Test Sites

When you register for MTTC paper-based testing, use the following tables to select a test area. Sites are chosen according to the general area in which they are located and may not necessarily be within actual city limits. Site locations are based on availability and appropriateness of facilities for test administration. Testing is only available at the test areas listed.

If you are registering for an alternative test date for religious reasons, please see "Registering for Alternative Testing Arrangements" for information about available test areas.

Requests to be assigned to a specific test site within a test area or a request to be changed from one test site to another within the same test area cannot be accommodated.

The exact location of test sites will be determined approximately four to six weeks before the test date. The name and address of your assigned test site will be listed on your admis­sion ticket(s). You may also contact Evaluation Systems to obtain test site information.

Test Sites

Test Area and Code Test Area and Code
Detroit (downtown) (002) Mt. Pleasant (007)
Flint (011) Pontiac/Auburn Hills (008)
Grand Rapids (003) Saginaw (009)
Kalamazoo (004) Sault Ste. Marie (013)
Lansing (005) Traverse City (012)
Marquette (006) Ypsilanti (010)

Emergency Registration Test Areas

Test Area and Code Test Area and Code
Detroit (downtown) (002) Pontiac/Auburn Hills (008)
Grand Rapids (003) Ypsilanti (010)
Marquette (006)  

Out-of-State Test Areas (April 21, 2018, administration only)

If you register for an out-of-state test area (April 21, 2018, administration ONLY), your registration must be received by Evaluation Systems by 5:00 p.m. eastern time on the regular registration deadline. If the out-of-state test area that you select is not available due to insufficient registration, you will be notified by Evaluation Systems.

Test Area and Code Test Area and Code
Bloomington, Indiana (716) Columbus, Ohio (717)
Chicago, Illinois (701) New York, New York (702)