Test Fees and Payment Policies

Test Registration Fees
Regular registration fees

  Professional Readiness Examination (096)
  Subject-area test
Late registration fee

Emergency registration fee
Additional Service Fees
Change of registration

Fees for adding tests

  Adding the Professional Readiness Examination
  Adding a subject-area test
Professional Readiness Examination Writing subtest (multiple-choice and essay assignments rescoring)

Multiple-choice answer sheet rescoring

Fee for additional copy of test results (per copy)

Online practice tests
$29 each

Fee to clear an account (for example, due to a disputed credit card charge)

Withdrawal/Refund Policy

If after registering for the MTTC you wish to withdraw from one or more tests for which you have registered, you must submit your request through your account on the MTTC website by 5:00 p.m. eastern time on the late registration deadline. Refer to "Changing Your Registration" for information about how to withdraw from a test.

If your withdrawal request is submitted by 5:00 p.m. eastern time on the late registration deadline, you will receive a partial refund in the amount of:

If you registered during the late registration period, the late registration fee will not be refunded. Refunds will be issued approximately five weeks after the test date.

You may not withdraw your registration or receive a refund if you register during the emergency registration period. If you are absent from the test, you will not receive a refund or credit of any kind. (See the absentee policy in "Reporting to the Test Site.")

Payment Methods

The fees for registration and changes to registration must be paid using a credit card (VISA or MasterCard only) or a debit or check card that carries the VISA or MasterCard logo and that can be used without the entry of a personal identification number (PIN). Bank cards without a VISA or MasterCard logo cannot be accepted. The merchant name that will appear on your credit card statement is "Eval Systems Test Fee."

Fees for services requested by mail (see "Additional Service Fees" in the table above) must be paid by check or money order. Fees for an additional copy of your test results must be paid by cashier's check or money order only; personal checks are not accepted for this service. Checks and money orders must be made payable to Evaluation Systems in U.S. dollars. Please write the last four digits of your social security number on your payment. Do not send cash.

Payment Policies

If you register to retake the Professional Readiness Examination, you will automatically receive a $10 refund for each previously passed Professional Readiness Examination subtest you do not retake. Your refund will be sent after your score report has been issued. However, to be registered correctly for the Professional Readiness Examination, you must submit the full $50 test fee in addition to any other test fees for that administration.

If you register to take the same test on multiple test dates and pass the test on the first test date, you will not be issued a refund for your additional registrations on the basis of your passing performance.

If you have any outstanding balance owed by you to Evaluation Systems after a test administration for which you were registered, your score report for that test date will not be produced and your test score(s) will not be reported to you, to the MDE, or to any institutions until your account is paid in full and cleared.

The following policies apply to you when you have an outstanding balance with Evaluation Systems:

If a credit card charge for an Evaluation Systems service for you is disputed:

Additionally, if a personal check submitted by you is returned by the bank: