Reporting to the Test Site

Your admission ticket lists your test selection, test date, and reporting time. Please report to the test site no later than your scheduled reporting time. See "Test Selection" for reporting and dismissal times and test session length.

On the day of the test, you may wish to dress comfortably in layers. This will allow you to adjust for the temperature at the test site, which may vary and may not be under the control of the test administrators. Please wear soft-soled shoes to help maintain a quiet testing environment. Water bottles may be allowed in the testing room, provided they are clear, do not have a label, have a secure lid, and are stored under your seat, not on your desk, during testing. See "What to Bring to the Test Site" and "Test Site Rules" for more information.

Enhanced security measures, including additional security screenings, may be required by test site facilities. If an additional screening is conducted, only screened persons will be admitted to the test site. If you do not proceed through the security screening, you will not be allowed to test and you will not receive a refund or credit of any kind.

Late Arrival Policy

It is essential that you report for each assigned test session no later than the time indicated on your admission ticket. If you arrive late to a test session, you may not be admitted. If you are admitted late, you will not be given any additional time beyond the scheduled ending time for the test session, and you will be required to sign a statement acknowledging this.

If the test that you are taking begins with a component for which you are required to listen to an audio recording, you will not be admitted to the test after the recording has begun playing.

If you arrive late and are not admitted, you will be considered absent and will not receive a refund or credit of any kind. You will need to register and pay again to test at a future administration.

Absentee Policy

If you are absent from a test from which you did not properly withdraw (see "Changing Your Registration"), you will not be entitled to any refund. You will need to register and pay again to test at a future administration.

Emergency circumstances. If you are absent from a test administration because of an emergency circumstance (illness, injury, hospitalization, or death in the immediate family), you may be eligible to receive a fee voucher that you may use to register for a future test date. To request a voucher, you must mail or fax to Evaluation Systems a letter describing the emergency situation. Include written documentation, such as a dated newspaper obituary or a dated letter signed by a professional licensed to diagnose or treat the emergency condition (e.g., physician), on that person's professional letterhead. Documentation from a medical professional must specifically excuse you from testing on the date of the test. Documentation containing electronic signatures will not be accepted.

The letter and required documentation must be received at Evaluation Systems within 30 calendar days after the missed test date.

A response to your request will be sent by U.S. mail within two weeks after the missed test date, or two weeks after your request is received, whichever is later. If your request for a fee voucher is granted, the fee voucher you receive will be in the amount of the test fee(s) you paid for the missed test date. Late and emergency registration fees are not included in fee voucher amounts; any such fees are the responsibility of the examinee.

Test Cancellation Policy

In the event that it becomes necessary to cancel a test administration at a test site or sites due to severe weather conditions or a natural disaster (e.g., flood, fire), the cancellation announcement will be posted on the MTTC website. In addition, the cancellation announcement will be available as a recorded telephone message at (800) 823-9225 and (413) 256-2876. You will be advised by email and U.S. mail as soon as the test administration has been rescheduled.

Unless a test administration at a given test site is officially canceled, the test administration will be conducted as scheduled. If you miss a test administration that has not been officially canceled, you will be considered absent and will not receive a refund or credit of any kind.