Registration Checklist

1. Review your registration options.
Task Refer to:
Select the tests you want to take, and review information about Test Dates and Test Sites. "Test Selection"
Select the institutions to receive your scores. "Institution Codes"
2. Prepare your payment.
Payment must be made by credit, debit, or check card (VISA or MasterCard only) as described in "Test Fees and Payment Policies."
3. Gather the personal information you need to register.
When you create an account or register for the MTTC, you will be asked to provide the following information:
  • Name
  • Address
  • Daytime telephone number
  • Social security number or Canadian social insurance number
  • Date of birth
  • Ethnicity (optional)
  • Gender (optional)
  • Email address
If you do not have a valid U.S. social security number or Canadian social insurance number, you must obtain a nine-digit Office of Professional Preparation Services (OPPS) number in order to complete your registration. An OPPS registration number may be obtained by contacting the OPPS at or (517) 373-3310.
4. Review the background questions.
When you register for the MTTC, you will be asked to answer some background questions. Refer to "Background Questions" to prepare answers to the questions you will be asked during registration.
5. Review the Rules of Test Participation.
Before you register, you must read and agree to abide by the policies stated in "Compliance with Testing Rules," including the Rules of Test Participation, and all procedures and policies contained on the current program website.