MTTC Passing Requirements

An individual's performance on a test is evaluated against an established standard. The passing score for each test is established by the MDE and is based on the professional judgments and recommendations of Michigan educators.

Passing status is determined on the basis of an examinee's total test performance. All test results are reported as scaled scores. The scaled score is a conversion of the number of scorable test questions you answer correctly to a score from 100 to 300, with a score of 220 or higher representing the passing score. Numeric total test scores will be reported only for examinees who do not pass the tests.

A passing status on a subject-area test will remain valid (for the purpose of a recommendation for initial certification or for an additional endorsement on an existing certificate) for a period of five years. Once a subject-area endorsement has been issued for a teaching certificate, a teacher is not required to retake the MTTC test in that subject area.

The Professional Readiness Examination includes subtests in reading, mathematics, and writing. Examinees receive a separate score for each subtest of the Professional Readiness Examination and must pass all three subtests to meet the passing requirements; see "Professional Readiness Examination (PRE) Passing Score Alternatives" for more information. For the Professional Readiness Examination only, once you have passed a subtest of the Professional Readiness Examination (or of the former Basic Skills Test), you will not need to take and pass that subtest again.

Retaking the MTTC

Examinees who do not pass a test and wish to retake it may do so by completing the registration process again. There is no limit to the number of times you may retake any MTTC test that you have not yet passed although you must wait at least 30 days between each attempt of the same test or subtest. However, according to MDE administrative codes, any test (or subtest, in the case of the Professional Readiness Examination) "may continue to be retaken until passed but after the fourth failure and every subsequent failure . . . the individual must seek academic counseling from college/university staff in an attempt to overcome testing deficiencies."

If after taking a test you wish to retake it, you must wait 30 days between each attempt of the same test or subtest whether the attempt is paper-based or computer-based. If the same test is taken within a 30-day period, your scores on the second attempt may be voided. This means that you will only be able to take a test or each Professional Readiness Examination subtest one time in any computer-based testing window.

Examinees who do not pass one or more subtests of the Professional Readiness Examination may retake those subtests. Once you have passed a subtest, you do not need to retake that subtest. See "Test Fees and Payment Policies" for more information regarding the fees involved when retaking the Professional Readiness Examination.