During and After the Test

The test session is designed to allow sufficient time for sign-in, distribution of materials, and communication of directions before testing begins, and for completion of the test(s) by examinees. Some examinees may finish testing well before the scheduled ending time of the test session. However, you should be prepared to use the entire test session. You will be allowed no more than the allotted time to complete the test(s).

During testing, you may take restroom breaks. Any time that you take for restroom breaks is considered part of the available testing time. You may not leave the testing facility or room in which you have been seated for any purpose (other than to use the restroom, as permitted) until your test materials have been collected and you have been officially dismissed by a test administrator. During the test administration, you may not communicate with other examinees or any unauthorized persons in any way, either in person or by using any communication device.

Dismissal from the Test

Once you have been officially dismissed from a test session, you must leave the testing facility. If you are taking another test, return to the testing facility at the reporting time indicated on your admission ticket.

When you have completed testing or when the test session ends, whichever occurs first, your test materials will be collected and you will be dismissed from the test session. See "Test Selection" for test session reporting and dismissal times and test session length.

Should you become ill and unable to finish testing, you may be dismissed. In this case, your scores will be reported unless you request in writing that your scores be canceled as described in "Canceling or Voiding of Test Scores."

Submitting Comments

The MDE and Evaluation Systems employ stringent quality-control procedures in preparing test materials. However, if you wish to comment about a test question for any reason, notify the Chief Test Administrator at your test site.

If you have comments about the test site or the conditions under which you took a test, please submit your comments in a letter sent to Evaluation Systems at the address indicated in "Contact Information" no later than seven days after your test date.