Confirming Your Registration

Your Admission Ticket

After your registration has been processed and you have been assigned to a specific test site, you will be sent an admission ticket. You may receive more than one admission ticket, depending on the number of tests for which you have registered. Note that the admission tickets may be sent separately. Print a copy of your admission ticket(s) and bring them with you to the test site on the day of the test. Your admission to the test site will be delayed if you do not have a printed copy of your admission ticket. Electronic versions of your admission ticket will not be accepted.

Your admission ticket lists the personal information you provided when registering as well as testing information, including your

Check the information on your admission ticket when you receive it. Notify Evaluation Systems immediately if any testing information is inaccurate. You may not change your test session or test selection at the test site.

If you need to correct or update personal information (e.g., your mailing address), you may update your personal information through your account; see "About My Account" for details.

Retain a copy of your admission ticket for your records.

If you lose your admission ticket or have not received your admission ticket by two weeks before the test date, you may request another copy by selecting "My Admission Ticket" on the MTTC website. You may also use this service to print the admission information you need to be admitted to the test administration.

Confirming Your Registration Status

To confirm your registration status, select "Confirm or Modify Registration" on the MTTC website, log in to your account, and follow the instructions provided.

Your account lists the MTTC test dates for which you are registered, including test area information, the test(s) for which you are registered, and, if available, information about the specific test site to which you have been assigned and your reporting time(s).

If you are unable to verify your registration status on the Internet, contact Evaluation Systems by telephone or by email from the MTTC website before the regular, late, or emergency registration deadline, as applicable, to avoid additional registration fees. See "Test Dates" for the registration deadlines.