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Field 048: Library Media
Sample Multiple-Choice Questions

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Objective 001
Demonstrate knowledge of learning styles, stages of human growth and development, and cultural influences on learning.

1. Which of the following strategies is the most effective way for a teacher of library media to differentiate the process for students involved in information gathering?

  1. posting lists of project-specific materials available for student use
  2. providing specific instruction for each project assigned by teachers
  3. ensuring that the library collection contains print, nonprint, and digital resources at a variety of levels
  4. creating a checklist of the steps necessary to complete academic research to hand out to students as they come into the library
Correct Response: C.

Objective 002
Apply knowledge of the principles of effective teaching and learning that contribute to an active, inquiry-based approach to learning.

2. An elementary school teacher of library media is planning to conduct a series of book talks for students. Which of the following is likely to be the most important outcome of this series?

  1. boosting students' use of the library print collection
  2. promoting students' selection of age-appropriate reading materials
  3. inspiring students to expand their selections for recreational reading
  4. educating students about the types of resources in the library
Correct Response: C.

Objective 003
Understand the teacher of library media's role as an instructional partner.

3. Elementary school teachers plan a number of interdisciplinary units each year. This year, they ask the teacher of library media to help them incorporate literature into these units as well. Which of the following is likely to be the most effective first step for the teacher of library media to take in achieving this goal?

  1. providing the teachers with annotated bibliographies of literature related to the theme of each unit so they can select one of the titles to read with students
  2. purchasing several literature-based instructional units for the teachers to use in order to integrate literature into the units they are planning for this year
  3. giving the teachers a variety of resources with tips about how to infuse literature into the curriculum
  4. creating a display of a selection of thematic literature from the library collection so the teachers can browse the titles informally before or after school and make their choices
Correct Response: A.

4. The teacher of library media and the other teachers in a school are joining together to help students master important information literacy skills. This instructional effort is likely to be most effective if the teacher of library media and the other teachers take which of the following steps first?

  1. creating joint assessments to verify that all students have mastered the skills
  2. identifying an authentic context in which students can practice and learn the skills
  3. estimating the number of joint lessons in the library needed to learn the skills
  4. selecting materials that are likely to enhance students' interest in learning the skills
Correct Response: B.

Objective 004
Demonstrate knowledge of methods for the integration of twenty-first-century skills and learning standards.

5. Which of the following twenty-first-century tools and resources is likely to have the greatest positive impact on students' level of engagement with content when used in a collaborative unit by the teacher of library media?

  1. online communication and social networking
  2. slide sharing and presentation software
  3. digital, Web-based school curriculum
  4. e-books, audiobooks, and DVDs
Correct Response: A.


Objective 005
Demonstrate knowledge of literature for children and young adults and professional literature.

6. A teacher of library media wants to stay abreast of major trends in children's literature. Which of the following methods of obtaining current information would be most likely to effectively achieve this goal?

  1. accessing resources from professional organizations
  2. signing up for booksellers' catalog mailing lists
  3. collaborating with other professionals to share ideas
  4. performing Internet Web searches and bookmarking helpful pages
Correct Response: A.

Objective 006
Respect the need for diversity in literature.

7. What would be the most effective way that the teacher of library media could work with members of the school community and their families to help familiarize them with the library's resources?

  1. sending home to families a map and a list of available library items by category
  2. inviting family members to accompany their children to their scheduled library time
  3. having students write a letter home explaining to their family what the library offers
  4. organizing a library family night so interested people can take a tour and ask questions
Correct Response: D.

Objective 007
Demonstrate knowledge of strategies for promoting reading.

8. A teacher of library media makes it a point to read a variety of children's books and book synopses. When students come to the library, the teacher of library media makes book recommendations to individuals and groups on the basis of these readings. These practices best reflect which of the following principles?

  1. gauging students' interest in the suggested books for reordering purposes
  2. closely monitoring current circulation trends and figures
  3. establishing close personal connections with students
  4. sharing personal enjoyment of reading with students
Correct Response: D.


Objective 008
Demonstrate knowledge of methods for ensuring equitable and ethical access to and use of resources.

9. In order to best promote diversity and ensure equitable access to all learners, teachers of library media should:

  1. encourage students to discuss their differences.
  2. plan programs and activities to support all students.
  3. educate themselves about all types of cultures.
  4. attend professional workshops to gather ideas.
Correct Response: B.

10. A biology teacher asks a teacher of library media for assistance in obtaining copies of a chapter from an out-of-print library book to distribute to students. Which of the following is the most appropriate initial response for the teacher of library media to make to this request?

  1. offering to help the teacher determine whether copyright permission is needed for copying the chapter
  2. offering to copy the chapter for the teacher, providing the copies are destroyed after use
  3. refusing to make any copies of the chapter because of the restrictions of copyright law
  4. suggesting that the teacher use a commercial copy center to reproduce the chapter
Correct Response: A.

Objective 009
Demonstrate knowledge of efficient and ethical information-seeking behavior.

11. Teaching students to look for words such as "apparently" and "likely" when reading for information is most likely to promote their ability to:

  1. recognize conclusions stated by the author.
  2. distinguish unsupported information from confirmed facts.
  3. make inferences about what the author wants them to understand.
  4. identify an author's use of faulty reasoning.
Correct Response: B.

Objective 010
Apply knowledge of information sources and use of research strategies.

12. A student is having trouble locating pertinent information for a social studies research project. For the past week or so, the student has spent one hour per day looking through several sources without finding much useful information. The student asks the teacher of library media for help in deciding how to proceed. Which of the following adjustments to the student's search strategy should the teacher of library media suggest first?

  1. devoting at least another hour each day to research
  2. reassessing the original topic or thesis
  3. revising the preliminary outline for the project
  4. rereading carefully the sources already examined
Correct Response: B.


Objective 011
Understand the teacher of library media's role as a school program leader.

13. Which of the following activities would be most effective in keeping a teacher of library media current about emerging technologies, learning theories, and teaching techniques?

  1. using new technologies as they emerge
  2. providing professional development in the school
  3. informing teachers about opportunities to use various technologies
  4. keeping up with professional literature in teaching and library science
Correct Response: D.

Objective 012
Understand the teacher of library media's role as an educational leader.

14. A teacher of library media wants to align the program goals for the library with the curricular needs of the school. To reach this goal, which of the following steps should the teacher of library media take first?

  1. discussing discrepancies between the curriculum goals and available resources with library staff
  2. obtaining input from the principal about objectives and planning for the library
  3. discussing instructional and research needs with teachers and administrators
  4. evaluating the budget for the upcoming year to determine what will be available for new acquisitions
Correct Response: C.

Objective 013
Understand the teacher of library media's advocacy role.

15. Which of the following strategies by a teacher of library media is likely to prove most effective when attempting to gain the principal's support for the library's budget proposal?

  1. relating requested expenditures for the library to curriculum objectives and the school improvement plan
  2. describing the range of activities sponsored by the library
  3. comparing requested expenditures for the library to the amounts being requested in other sections of the school budget
  4. demonstrating how many students used the library during the previous year
Correct Response: A.


Objective 014
Apply knowledge of methods for evaluating and selecting print, nonprint, and digital resources in the library collection.

16. A teacher of library media conducts a survey that asks teachers to evaluate the materials in the library. The results indicate that teachers think that more fiction should be available for students. Which of the following steps should the teacher of library media take next?

  1. adjusting the budget to use money that was designated for acquiring new reference materials to instead expand the fiction collection
  2. meeting with administrators to discuss the merit of the teachers' recommendation
  3. consulting with the teachers to learn what types of fiction would best address curricular and student needs
  4. polling the library staff to determine whether they agree with the teachers' assessment of the collection
Correct Response: C.

Objective 015
Demonstrate knowledge of the ability to model professional ethics in all aspects of the library program.

17. A teacher of library media can best develop ethical information behavior in students by taking which of the following actions?

  1. utilizing Internet resources to develop lessons on digital law
  2. teaching students how to use information to create a bibliography
  3. creating a presentation explaining copyright and fair use policies
  4. modeling responsible behavior regarding use of information
Correct Response: D.

18. Teachers of library media have an ethical responsibility to preserve the confidentiality of which of the following types of library records?

  1. records that contain cost data relating to the theft and loss of library resources
  2. records that link specific individuals with specific library resources
  3. records that reveal the frequency with which a specific library resource is used
  4. records that connect specific school courses with specific library resources
Correct Response: B.

Objective 016
Demonstrate knowledge of methods for the management of personnel, funding, and facilities of the library program.

19. A school library program's reconsideration process for challenged materials should include which of the following procedures?

  1. including a note on the bibliographic record of the material that is has been challenged
  2. notifying both the learning community and community at large as soon as a resource is challenged
  3. providing resource selection information and criteria used by the school to the challenging party
  4. requiring permission from home for a student to access the resource until the challenge has been resolved
Correct Response: C.

Objective 017
Apply knowledge of best practices for strategic planning and assessment.

20. Which of the following best describes the main reason for a school library program to formulate a mission statement?

  1. to establish criteria for evaluating the costs and benefits of specific library services and activities
  2. to promote understanding of program objectives among both library personnel and members of the learning community
  3. to provide a basis for the efficient division of labor among library personnel
  4. to distinguish the responsibilities of library personnel from the duties of other educational professionals in the learning community
Correct Response: B.