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Field 037: Agricultural Education
Sample Multiple-Choice Questions

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Objective 004
Apply principles of nutrition to livestock.

1. As part of a balanced ration for hogs, soybean meal is often used as a supplement to corn primarily to:

  1. provide a source of carbohydrates.
  2. correct the amino acid deficiencies of corn.
  3. serve as a vitamin supplement.
  4. provide the extra roughage that hogs require.
Correct Response: B.

Objective 006
Understand animal reproduction and breeding practices.

2. Which of the following considerations would be most important in selecting a bull for breeding stock?

  1. weight of the bull
  2. growth rate of the bull's progeny
  3. height of the bull
  4. total number of progeny already produced by the bull
Correct Response: B.


Objective 012
Analyze methods of preparing seedbeds and planting field crops.

3. To promote good production of leguminous crops such as soybeans, it is most important to subject the seeds to which of the following treatments before planting?

  1. inoculation with symbiotic bacteria
  2. cooling to just above freezing
  3. soaking in water overnight
  4. exposure to pure oxygen
Correct Response: A.

Objective 018
Apply the principles of soil conservation.

4. A producer would like to improve the water-conserving ability of the soil on the farm's cropland. Which of the following steps would be most effective in achieving this goal?

  1. installing an irrigation system
  2. increasing the amount of chemical fertilizers used
  3. adding organic matter to the soil
  4. tilling the soil more thoroughly and frequently
Correct Response: C.


Objective 022
Analyze the growth requirements of horticultural plants.

5. Horticultural plants are being propagated in a greenhouse until they are large enough to be moved outside and hardened off. The plants are watered daily, but several of the plants are wilting and show signs of leafscorch. These plants do not appear to be suffering from any pathogenic diseases. Which of the following actions is most likely to improve the condition of the wilting plants?

  1. adjusting the pH of the watering solution
  2. increasing the intensity of the light to which the plants are exposed
  3. thinning the plants so there is more space between them
  4. increasing the humidity level in the greenhouse
Correct Response: D.

Objective 027
Understand the principles of floral design.

6. To achieve the proper scale in a floral arrangement, it is most important to follow which of the following principles?

  1. The arrangement should have a single focal point.
  2. The flowers should be arranged symmetrically around a central axis.
  3. The arrangement should be one and one-half to two times the height or width of the container.
  4. The flowers should complement each other in color and shape.
Correct Response: C.


Objective 030
Apply principles of economics in agricultural business.

7. An analysis of a farming enterprise shows a farmer that she is not taking full advantage of potential economies of scale. After implementing strategies to take greater advantage of such economies, the farmer is most likely to have succeeded in:

  1. increasing the variety of products produced.
  2. decreasing total farm labor requirements.
  3. increasing the market price for her products.
  4. decreasing per-unit production costs.
Correct Response: D.

Objective 038
Apply the principles of marketing to agribusiness.

8. Which of the following would be the most effective advertising technique for a nationally known agricultural equipment firm to use to ensure that past and current customers are informed about an upcoming sale?

  1. network television advertising
  2. inserts in national newspapers
  3. direct mail advertising
  4. advertisements in national agricultural magazines
Correct Response: C.


Objective 039
Apply the principles of conservation.

9. A stream on a farm runs adjacent to a cornfield. The stream then passes through a pasture and provides water for dairy cattle as they graze. To ensure the quality of the stream water, it would be most effective for the farmer to:

  1. minimize the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides on the cornfield.
  2. dam the stream before it enters the pasture to allow sediments to settle out of the water.
  3. relocate the pasture to an area where the stream will not run through it.
  4. add chlorine to the water after it passes through the pasture to kill bacteria.
Correct Response: A.

Objective 045
Identify career opportunities and requirements in agriculture.

10. Which of the following careers deals primarily with the maintenance and renewal of natural resources?

  1. farm manager
  2. agricultural economist
  3. forester
  4. horticulturist
Correct Response: C.